Are they serious? I've just finished reading the recent Communication on Building a European Data Economy published by the European Commission. And, it’s a good thing they're seeking advice. The timing is perfect. I’m in the thick of my research for a new report on data commercialization. When I first published It’s Time To Take Your Data To Market the idea was merely a twinkle in people’s eye. Today that twinkle is much brighter than it has been, and it’s growing fast…really, really fast. Believe me. It’s going to be huge.

From what we see and hear, companies know they are sitting on a wealth of valuable data. And they know they aren’t the only ones who can benefit from it. According to Forrester’s Business Technographics, one-third of firms reported selling their data in 2016, up from only 10% in 2014. And, that trend extends across industries, and companies of all sizes.

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Source: Forrester Big Data Blog posts